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Life your best life in your Sanctuary Space

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

I Just Need Help With Paint

Paint is one of the most expansive elements in any room.  It can be daunting finding the right color, especially considering the enormous options available today.  And, because it covers such a huge area in a room, choosing an "OFF" color will never be "ON".  It's just that simple, yet so many find it challenging to find the right hue.  This service is for those that just need a paint color.

See Services-Book Online for details/pricing

A Simple Sanctuary Space

Find the solitude, daily afternoon recharge, after work retreat, time to meditate or decompress in your own sanctuary space.  And, whether you are in a season of depletion or not, having a specific space prepared for you, can be there for you...ready and waiting!   

Service available 1 November, 2023

See Services-Book Online for details/pricing


Complete Bedroom Makeover

To have a bedroom that is curated to your taste and reflects your style is truly an investment in your quality of life.  Especially, if you consider that you spend one third of your life in this space, having a sanctuary bedroom would be the ultimate retreat!  And, think about the benefit of waking up refreshed and rejuvenated!  Those two things alone can set you up to go forth and seize the day! 

Service available Spring 2024

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