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What do you think about "dream sleep"?

Hello and Happy Wednesday! How is your "May" going? Have you had a chance to do a little daydreaming lately? I love this photo above. This cat is certainly relaxed and in some level of dream sleep, wouldn't you agree? No anxiety, no worries, just simple, comfortable, outstretched dream sleep! Do you ever sleep like this resting feline?

I found this quote and I want to share it with you:

"Dream sleep provides a fascinating neurological chemical soothing balm. It is during dream sleep and only during dream sleep when our brain shuts off an stress-related neurochemical called Noradrenalin." sleep scientist Matthew Walker

According to Mental Health America, noradrenaline is a neurotransmitter created in our brain stem. It sends messages from one neuron to another and the message is basically saying "wake up". In addition, it is also a hormone. This particular hormone sends messages as well, but travels through the bloodstream. However, unlike a neurotransmitter, hormones aren't reabsorbed...they keep traveling through the bloodstream and continue to send messages throughout your body! We are AMAZING are we not? I, our bodies create noradrenaline for a number of helpful functions. However, the point I want to make is this: noradrenaline production slows at night when you lie down to go to bed, but if you stand up and start moving about, you are likely to receive a quick burst of noradrenaline. This "event" makes it then hard to "stay sleepy", if you have to get up during the night. (This is my story as of last apropos, as I started this blog last week)

If this is your ailment, it would be difficult to get to a place of dream sleep. We are so uniquely made; our bodies are equipped with natural defenses to counteract and counterbalance our daily activities, allowing us to rest when its time to rest and get up...Go Dogs Go!

My question to you today: Are you getting proper rest each night? If so, do you enter dream sleep? Last night was fitful for me; I have a lot of anxiety because of a few decisions we have on the burner. (do we finish my office/sanctuary space? or work on our backyard? two very much needed project options). So, I ended up on the couch, so as to let my better half get his dream sleep. He carried on with a light, soft cadence "snore". I wasn't about to disrupt his rest and make him deal with an unwelcome dose of noradrenaline. I suffered alone. No worries though, as I took advantage of this untimely noradrenaline situation and wrote a bunch of notes. Yet, they were a bit hard to decipher this morning. I wrote in complete darkness so as to avoid disturbing my slumbering mate. Funny thing is: I wrote some really poignant thoughts that I would not have remembered this morning. All was not lost!

Back to you dear reader. Do you like and enjoy the way your bedroom functions? Would you change anything if you could? And, what would that be? I wish we could have a chat; this is a very interesting topic and makes for great conversation. If, you need/want to change things up, perhaps begin by making a list of those things and then make a commitment to tackle one or two easy updates, maybe during the summer. With windows open and lots of daylight for several months, at least going forward, you could freshen up your room with a new coat of paint. And, you don't have to do it in a day, if this sounds like a huge undertaking. Paint is magical in that it can transform a space in a short amount of time and not so much money. It's a bit of an emotional uptick and gives your brain something new to register. All good! Organizing and de-cluttering are also great summer projects as you may feel you have a bit more energy with so much daylight, thus more happy vitamin D in your system. And, don't forget another option on top of these ideas, is the beloved garage sale you could have, recouping some of that cash for the paint! Now, you're two for two!

Thank you for reading today! I loved that you were here. Jeanine

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