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Well here we are...A new month and a new website

Updated: Jan 30

Hello there and Happy February!!!! Well, today's blog is all about new growth! Now we are not talking about that new beauty mark you just discovered on the side of your face! It's about the growth that takes place when you learn something new...after all, I am certain you believe that to maintain and keep up with this changing world, you need to stay checked in, right? And, to keep those brain cells dividing, so you know who your people are in your golden age, you need to keep growing/learning. It wouldn't require you go back to work if you are retired...certainly not. Nor does it mean you have to go back to thank you. However, even if you love competing with yourself on the golf course (absolutely not!), it's such a good decision and choice to keep being open to new things.

Being in the second month of 2023 and for those that live in the tundra states, would it seem like a great time to consider learning something new? There are so many opportunities at your fingertips with online courses or classes, wouldn't this be a perfect time to indulge in something you have always wanted to learn/know about. I took two online courses last winter, one about paint (just paint...I am such a junkie) and the other was about decorating (there is always something to learn even when you are helping other people with their projects). I even thought about a course on learning how to make window treatments and the thought was to take it just for the experience. I don't see myself making curtains, but you never know.

One of the things I wanted to mention, which was the inspiration for this post, is that I have recreated my website to make it less reading and more photos. I hope that it is easier to navigate as I understand people just want to skim, they don't want to be help captive by so much reading. So, my "growth" this year started with this re-creation and to stay committed to being consistent with posting. To be truthful, and so that you might be aware if you are considering an online business, it is a lot of work. Having a business previously was incredibly easy. And, to be honest, I am much older today, and tech is not my "area" of expertise. However, my persistence in staying active in the brain category (Ha!) I am amazed how much interest and joy I am finding at this time in my life. Understanding technology may just put me over the edge, but I always come back and figure things out.

So, back to you. What say you when you think of your own personal growth? Do you still enjoy and long to read? Or have you ever considered writing a book? You are probably a very interesting person and I bet you have something to say...why not think about it?

Well, I have kept you long enough, but thank you for reading this post today. May you find some joy in your day today.

Until next week, good on ya! Jeanine


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