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We are on the precipice of a brand New Year!...2023, ready or not...

Hello readers! Amazingly, we are on the cusp of the new year. How are you feeling about that bit of reality? I hope your Christmas was filled with all the warm fuzzies you hoped it would emit this year. Was there anything that resonated differently this Christmas? Have you taken any notes to redirect for next year? Or, would you like to hit replay next time around? We have common ground, you and I, in that we will turn a page very quickly and begin a brand new year. There is no turning back, but we can bring forth all the memories we hold fondly into the next year always, in our heads and hearts.

Have you thought of any resolutions for the new year? Anything you want to add or delete? Myself, I always love turning over a new year. It's cathartic in a way...even if it was a great year. I love new beginnings, so I like the feeling of striking out and going forth with a fresh perspective, a renewed sense of hope and a re-start of things I still want to change/continue in my journey. Self care and exercise are always two things I reevaluate, especially as I get older. Sprucing up different spaces/places in my home are always at the top of the list. Post holidays, once all the Christmas decorations are packed and stored, the house looks a little bare. January offers lots of time to contemplate a fresh look to my decor. And, winter is a great time to cozy up to make a plan, as activities for me are mostly indoors. Last, but not least, closets get a little attention as I de-clutter and re-organize. As one who suffers with a little seasonal depression (January thru Mar/Apr), it is these projects that keep me from sinking too deep into the abyss. And, once these things get a little update, it's usually close to considering plans for the next phase of holidays, Easter being the most likely. This would mean that spring is around the corner, so it's a great opportunity to think about flowers and planting. That about sums it up for the next 3-4 months, unless an impromptu getaway becomes necessary to keep the winter blues from running roughshod in my mind and emotions. In that case, we will be looking for a little sunshine to "lighten" things up.

Whatever and wherever you find yourself on the other side of 2022, I wish for you a very Happy New Year 2023! I look forward to bringing you some fresh insight and encouragement in the new year.

Until then, Cheers!...Jeanine

P.S. Tune in, if you can, once we cross over the threshold into 2023, as I have a little update/announcement and it includes you!

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