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Wake up your it Neroli or Grapefruit?

Hello and happy Wednesday...on this last week of March! My sisters and I are back from our visit to Paris. And, it is nice to be back on American soil. My internal clock is still adjusting to the time change, but that is what comes with a visit over Big Blue! To experience the world, you must travel...that is my motto anyway! Paris in their springtime is a great time to visit. The temperatures were mild, in the 40-50's and just a touch of rain. Dressed in a layer or two means that you can weather a cold morning that gives way to sunshine and a 10-15 degree upswing. I always pack light as I travel with only a carryon suitcase and large tote bag. So, basically, underwear for a week, pjs, 2-3 shirts, 1 sweater, 2 pants, 1-2 scarfs (a must), toiletries, flat iron and 2 additional walking shoes to swap out each day. It is my thought that, if I need something, I can purchase something new in my destination...certainly! Dressing comfortably allows me to feel unencumbered by binding clothing or thinking I need to be a fashion plate. The Parisians have not a care of what I am wearing so there is no pressure to feel insecure etc. I do know how women typically dress in France and I love love their panache for "less is more", simply elegant style. It works!

You may already know that Paris is a walking city; although your pace is a little slower than when walking an easy road back here in the states. You must be mindful of the street you are on as it will change once you get to the center and it opens up to give you the option of five different streets/avenues. Thank goodness for navigation tools on our phones. We missed nary a turn the entire week. And despite the strike and demonstrations taking place in the northern part of the city, we were unawares of any disturbance or inconveniences.

We started out this lovely week with a scheduled event. Have you ever had an opportunity to make your very own perfume? This was a very new concept to me, but at the persuasion of our sister, Stephanie, the three of us found our way to the home of Marina, our perfumer. To find out we would be taking the workshop in her very own apartment was one of the most delightful surprises. I've never been inside a Parisian apartment...and it was really beautiful and charming, as well as old and architecturally, a visual treat. Marina was very informative about the process of creating a perfume and then invited us to take part by indulging our senses by opening up the scents and choosing our base, middle and top notes. The process is a great sensory experience and I was surprised to find notes that I was unaware of prior to this workshop. Once we decided on three specific notes, we then mixed them in a little vial with alcohol to see what our perfume came to be. We did this each three times to end up with three unique formulas. We then got to choose one of the three to be our own unique blend. This choice would indeed be our favorite of the three and Marina created that one perfume in a pretty perfume bottle to take home. This is one of the most unexpected and joyful experiences of this trip! I would highly recommend it if you are in Paris and I would do this again. My perfume, if I can share, is a combination of Neroli, Mandarine and Grapefruit. I love love love that I have a perfume that is my own creation...noone has it, as it is unique to me. Isn't that just happiness in a bottle?...from Paris!!!!!

As this experience was at the beginning of our vacation, I may decide to share a few other momentous occasions. It was for me the best time with my two sisters and I am so grateful for their grace and patience with my idiosyncratic behaviors.

I truly believe we were meant to enjoy life and to do so, for me anyway, is to travel to and experience different places. Culture differences are intriguing and food is always a treat or a mystery...and it's always interesting to see how other people live. I am a huge history and aesthetic geek (even though I only know what I know) so there is ALWAYS something to learn and/or take away from every place I have ever been able to visit.

Well, there you are for this little read. Have a great week and I will be back next time...

And just as the French say... au revoir...until we meet again! Jeanine



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