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To the house of a friend...the way is never long!

Hello and good day on you! How are you doing as we move forward through the last quarter of the calendar year 2023? Are you surprised at all that we have lived out 3/4 of the year at this point? Have you or do you ever sit down throughout the calendar year and jot down a few poignant highlights; and keep that little list in your planner or secret drawer? And, these memorable moments/events wouldn't have to be highlights meaning "good or especially moving or wonderful", but maybe cause a shift in your life somehow. For the past 4 years, at the beginning of a new year, I take a piece of paper and at the top I give it a title - "Where is God leading me this year 2023? At the end of each year, I look at the list and consider how might I take these events into consideration as I plan/open up the new year. And, because I truly believe my life is in God's hands and, therefore, accept whatever pivotal things/changes occurring may be leading me on a new trajectory or, that I need to consider what or where I may be going on my life's journey. This year, in particular, I have listed so far: trip to Paris, put lake house up for sale, new granddaughter due in December, created first online course, spending much more time with family, trip to Iceland, trip planned for London/Edinburgh. I have, at this point, considered that the change from our recent move is allowing me more time with family and friends. This is huge and what I have been missing. The traveling I have done this year alone indicates a shift that I am so excited and welcome most assuredly; I love to travel and believe that I will do as much as possible as long as I am able. So, this little system I started about 4 years ago seems to give me insight and a direction of sorts. I created an online course which was a goal for 2023. That accomplishment was a huge uptick in my personal growth. And, even though it has not gained the momentum I had hoped for, the commitment and personal investment in something I wanted to create still makes it a huge success. I will give some time to see if this is a "once and done" or if there will be another fork in the road for something else. No matter, it is just part of my "to be continued" story. Because, just knowing that very soon, in December, will bring forth the arrival of our new little granddaughter will, no doubedty, create another shift in time and relational investments. So goes my you can tell, is never static.

More to the point or intended direction, the title of this post is about friendship! How are you doing with your friendships? Do you have a few or many friends? And, do you keep regular company with them? How long have you had some of these relationships? And, do they reflect your place in life in terms of the common ground you have with them? Quite often it seems that friendships are for a particular season in life, not meant to be long term. I have felt that way especially when I leave a job; those friendships often wither away...while others may be tried and true...for always. That is what was on my mind by the title of this blog post. Because, wherever that one or those two really really wonderful friends are, even today (tried and true blue), is it ever that they are too far away to be with them? For to the house of a friend, the way never seems long. Anticipation in seeing them, makes the journey to get there so worth while, doesn't it? Even if distances are the barrier to being together in real time, I bet you feel that that doesn't preclude the joy you maintain in their friendship; but perhaps you have to work around the distance barrier to make it a point to stay connected. The older I get, the more I relish my time with good friends. Without being sad about getting older, the reality is that life is short and the most valuable riches in life is the gift of people and relationships. To spend time with other people, women especially in this case, at this time in life means conversations are usually more meaningful; deeper and infuse a lot more wisdom than ... yesterday (when the subject matter revolved around "what's for dinner?"). At this time in life, conversational subjects revolve more around issues and concerns that are bigger, deeper, more heartfelt. If I were to choose a few words to describe the women in my circles, I would use words/phrases like: very bright, educated (either college or self educated by reading or studying on their own), with it and very much in tune to "what's happening" in and around us". Their opinions and insight are extremely treasured and incredibly relevent. This makes for long and late night conversation for sure. From these friendships, I personally thrive in their company and I hope they feel the same when with me. Keeping up with some of them makes me want to read more or study more to be faster on my feet. These precious few friends in my life are so loving and unconditionally flex and bend with the rhythms of my life to stay in our relationships. Albeit we do not always agree, but it is these differences that makes life with them extremely interesting and thought provoking. And, best of all, to have a few friends, very different from one another, gives one a chance to enjoy them for "all the best in them". So, suffice it to say, that the road is not only never too long, but a joyous journey to their front door!

Thanks for reading today. I will be back from our trip abroad next week and will share some new insight in SOMETHING!!!!

Until then, have a splendid week, Jeanine

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