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The Color of Money...

Good morning, afternoon or evening...I am so glad you are here. Right off the batt, I love the color of money...and I do like money, period. It does a lot of things! But, for this blog I'd like to talk specifically about the color - green.

Last weeks post addressed the color black and a few words about the color white. And, it clarified that black is really void of color and white is the color with no hue at all; it is achromatic. So, what do YOU think of the color green? Does it elicit any emotional feelings for you? Can you take it or leave it? Or is your life saturated with shades of green?

To understand green as a color hue is to say that the color wavelengths are shorter and green is considered a "cool" color. Our eyes adjust to see longer wavelengths of color, such as red, but no adjustment needed with cool colors. An article found online about color psychology and meaning suggests that colors made of long wavelengths are "arousing and warm" (remember red is warm with a brown undertone) whereas colors of shorter wavelengths, like green for example, are "relaxing and cool". Green has strong associations with nature (not surprising!) thinking of green grass, trees, forests, etc. Conversely, green is also associated with money, luck, health and envy, and could relate a little on the negative side. Think of luck running out, green with envy or a "green" complexion. When thinking of green, the positive notations offer up good feelings and lean towards a sense of wellness/wellbeing. Further, isn't that where we want to move our minds and emotions to be healthy and well, verses placing ourselves in a negative mode? Interestingly, this little article speaks to the color green as one that relieves stress and helps heel. Medical facilities often incorporate green in their decor. And, green is often featured in restaurants and hotels for this very same reason. Also, spending time in natural green environments has been linked to stress relief, better focus and impulse control. Have you ever considered stoplights? Green means go and red means stop. Green conveys approval doesn't it? Lastly green has been found to inspire creativity. At this time, my office is being prepared to introduce green in both fabric and wall covering. I am truly excited, as I am so convinced that the color green evokes happy feelings and an emotional uplift for my personal wellbeing. Lastly, but intriguing to note is that the biblical meaning of the color green symbolizes life, fertility, renewal and resurrection. And green mixed with a tinge of yellow symbolizes "glory and energy" while green mixed with a drop of blue relates to God in heaven! Is this not just so amazingly fascinating?

The next time you see green, whether out on a walk or visiting a coffee shop etc. take a moment and consider the emotions and mood this color evokes in you.

A few of my favorite greens:

  • Benjamin Moore Sea Green

  • Sherwin Williams Ancient Marble

  • Farrow & Ball Cooking Apple Green

  • Little Greene Kitchen Green

  • Behr Mountain Haze

Before you take any of these at face value, know that they are greens that may have more yellow or black in them. They are just a few that I think are very pretty hues on their own. Make certain you always sample a new paint color in a small space in the room before making the decision to buy any paint color as a literal suggestion.

This was so fun! I'll be back in a week. Until then, cheers! Jeanine

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