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The Benefits of Using Essential Oils Internally (sublingual); Specific to SAD Symptoms

Good afternoon! It is one beautiful day in this month of May, 2022! The sun is out, its warm and only a slight breeze!!!! A perfect day in my book....if only it could remain like this year round. I wouldn't be thinking of ways to ward off the Seasonal Depression demons that are sure to return....BUT, let us not dwell on the negative. This smaller post is an offering to those who want to get on the fast track to wellness with the use of Essential Oils internally (sublingual). Sublingual means placing a drop or two of an essential oil under the tongue. To explain why this might be an effective way to benefit from an essential oil, I did some reading/research. I found that taking a drop sublingually allows the oil to pass directly into the bloodstream, traveling quickly to the area of the body where it is needed, thus providing a faster effect. For the purpose of what this blog is all about, there are four specific oils recommended to treat depression and can be taken internally. They are: Lavender, Lemon, Lime and Patchouli. I'll give a few particulars on each and you can decide where to start. I am trying each of them to experience the taste and make some notes to determine my choices, so that I can be prepared for the next season of "seasonal blues". It might be a good time for you to start and build an arsenal so you'll be prepared in season and out; very smart!!!

Lavender: Lavender is a winner for sure. As stated previously, Lavender does a lot for lifting depression. We know it can be used topically as well as diffused, but the internal use of Lavender is another option for you. Add one or two drops in a bottle of water or a drop under the tongue.

Lemon: Lemon is so refreshing. It screams summer to me. Think ice cold lemonade on a hot day! Or lemon scones or lemon tart. As with Lavender, one drop of Lemon can be taken sublingual and aids in lifting mood! It has a tart taste, but I love it in a cold bottle of water.

Lime: Oh that Lime! My brain is thinking "Key Lime Pie"! I digress. I have next to me a bottle of water with a drop of lime essential oil in it. It is very very good. Although I did not read that taking this oil internally lifted mood, it is definately recommended for aromatherapy. And, it is a definite contender to aid with depression. Still, it is listed as one that can be taken internally. Sometimes the fact that this oil tastes refreshing is enough to make for a little bit of happy. So...your choice!

Patchouli: This was a surprise to read that it can be taken internally. We know it aids in depression for sure; especially diffused. But knowing that one drop in a teaspoon of honey or in a cup of milk are two different ways to take in this lovely oil. What about adding this to a cup of hot tea to change things up?

Everything I have noted above comes directly from my Modern Essentials book (Thirteenth Edition), specifically written on Essential Oils. Remember; always check with your doctor before starting a regime. The information given is intended to guide and not diagnosis. I am using Essential Oils in my own daily wellness routine and have benefited so much. I sleep better, my mood is calm and I am amazed how much better my concentration is. But, you be your own advocate and do your research etc. Make a promise to find ways to be your best self! It's a jungle out there!!!!

This is the end of the essential oils "series", so we are turning a corner. I think it is time to begin to focus on your Master Bedroom and take a journey into the import role it plays in your life; not only because you need a place to lay your head at the end of the day, but also to devise a plan to counteract the symptoms you experience with your SAD. I am really looking forward to all the goodness on this amazing room! Until next week...take care. Jeanine

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