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Thanks Phil!!!…we hope you are right!

Phil’s close relative…

February 2nd of each year, in a tradition that began with German immigrants coming to the United States, known to us as Pennsylvania Dutch, marks the yearly celebration of Groundhog Day! This tradition, for the US, started in 1887!!! And, said groundhog goes by the name of Punxsutawney Phil. I am guessing you already know all of this. It is fun to give a nod to Phil. And this year, according to Phil, spring is due to come early this year. Disclaimer: Statistics state that, from the onset of this tradition in 1887, Phil and his ancestors have been right only 39% of the time! So, don't hold your breath and start packing up your winter boots just yet!!! AND REMEMBER that even if Phil got it wrong, we move into February 2024 regardless.

Good day to you dear reader. Do you feel like you are getting enough of that Vitamin D; such as it appears for our friend in the photo above? I have found my other half sitting in a chair right in front of our kitchen doorwall, sound asleep! This room gets southern sunshine...all day and even better when the sun is out! He is looking for a reset on these days...mental, if not physical! On the flip side, not getting out of dodge this winter has resolved into two wonderful alternatives(or maybe just that they are happy distractions): helping out with grandchildren during the week and working out on a daily basis. Whether a distraction or simply an alternative, having commitments requires one to put one foot in front of the other. No rest for the weary! A nutritionist once said that an hour of exercise is equal to one anti-depressant! What do you think about that? It must have something to do with those endorphins the body gets after a good workout. And since a good eating plan is supposed to pair up with the exercise regime in order to get the "full effect", it makes sense to "sans" the wine (at least not at this time)…. Another positive, at this time, is working on getting another room updated as it takes up time that keeps one from thinking about what might be missed not being in the sunshine state right about now. Sometimes it requires a little resolve to keep moving and staying positive, especially with so much lack of sunshine. Facebook posts are riddled with comments on seasonal affective disorder symptoms. In fact, as this is being penned, I know someone that jumped on a plane and headed to Hawaii for a couple on months. This person is someone who actually carries a diagnosis of seasonal depression, so it is her remedy.

On another note would it be an appropriate time to suggest a couple of things you might add to your own personal arsenal to combat a little melancholy this month? One of the benefits of fresh flowers is that they are not only aesthetically pleasing but flowers emit their own personal fragrance to boost the mood. Whether you cut and arrange them yourself (another mentally uplifting act for some) or order/purchase from a local florist, I highly recommend you do this for yourself. Lastly, we are positively affected by color and our brains register beautiful hues! So, get out there and secure yourself a bouquet or pick up the phone and set up a delivery of something beautiful.

Secondly, when was the last time you went for a spa treatment? Not necessarily a chemical peel or Botox injection (but that could be in addition to what I am suggesting), but a relaxing massage, a luxurious facial or an upscale pedicure, is what I am talking about. This next week includes something new and you may know about this already. But, in case you don’t, let me give you something else to consider. Blocked off this next Monday afternoon is a 40 minute session at Perspire Sauna Studio. Have you heard of it? The session takes place in a private sauna that delivers infrared heat for wellness by detoxing your body while you relax and “perspire”. Some benefits include: clarifying the skin, increased circulation, a boost to ones immunity, improvement to sleep, burning calories (oh doesn’t that sound wonderful) and helps to find calm! Look for a review in next month’s blog post. Well, that’s two lovely things you can do for yourself whilst waiting for that sun to make its return. Remember too that self care is not a luxury…it is necessary for your wellness, wellbeing and to continue to do the things you do!!!

Until next time, take care! Jeanine


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