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Sunlight, Water and Coffee....Pure Michigan

Hello and happy summer day! So, are you planning a getaway this summer? Or, have you already arrived somewhere to spend the whole season? We are home for the summer, as it is the best place to be for the season. Our year round home is on a lake and we have one of the "best seats in the house". The morning sun comes in our living room and kitchen, bright and beautiful! Our bedroom is faces southwest, which isn't ideal for those with seasonal depression; east facing windows in the bedroom are preferred to catch the sun at the onset of sunrise. However, during the summer, in our bedroom, the natural sunlight streams in through our sliding glass door that leads directly onto our balcony. And, this is where the sun is shining every morning; the eastern sunlight is high enough to make a direct hit on the water in front of me. All is not only well, but I prefer to engage with the sun indirectly. I am warmed as I step outside and the daylight is more than generous. And, whether it is location or divine providence, we have a constant breeze on the back of our house (lakeside) that cools almost every single day. It is quite perfect actually. Combining sunlight, water views and coffee in hand each morning creates a fitting trifecta!

Our house is positioned in view of the main body of the lake, but we are in a small bay with a NO WAKE disturbance. So, it is quiet in the mornings and often during the week. The bay where we are situated is the best swimming zone on the entire lake so we have lots of boats and swimmers during the day, especially on weekends. For me this is heavenly; listening to kids jump, laugh and swim! We have a pontoon boat for "cruising" around the lake and this, in itself, is 100% "therapeutic grade" relaxation mode living. We have had lots of overnight company already, as this really is the place to be right now. Our friends and relatives agree with us, as some have made return visits already, and it's just now the end of June! We feel like unofficial bed and breakfast attendants. The truth is: if you offer clean sheets, good coffee and a rocking chair...they WILL come!

Realizing that the summer solstice arrived a few days ago, meaning that each day going forward will shorten in daylight by a few minutes each day, makes me think to offer a good word to you. I'd like to encourage you to take in all the goodness you can for the remainder of summer 2022; in simple ways, especially. Consider the value of taking time in the morning to enjoy your morning coffee or tea while you allow yourself to just be still. Even though I am working on ways to get my business exposed, I have balanced my days by taking longer walks and sitting in my deck swing staring out at the water. I try not to create a lot of head stuff like: relational fixes or conversations that haven't taken place yet or a list of "to do's". Often, I just let myself take an unscheduled nap and let my brain go on a little vaca too. For you: Just BEING needs no validation, because you are no less valuable, as a person, rocking away on your back porch than when you are caught up in a frenzy of "have to's". See if you can allow some things to simmer for a little while longer so you can be in the moment...whatever that looks like for you. Enjoy!

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