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Stepping into March...

Hello and Welcome to March!!! Last week, as I walked the ground at our lake house, the Iris's think it's time to send up a "visual" sign that they are on the return. Mother Nature gets anxious to sprout some new buds, being fooled when the sun comes out and warms their "living space". Just this past week a rerun of a This Old House series talked about Hydrangeas and their need for pruning right about now, depending on the variety, of course. Well, wouldn't you know that we have just that one...the one that should be pruned prior to showing its new buds. It may have to be a little bit of "pot luck" on the pruning/flowers maintenance this year. There just doesn't seem to be enough time to maintain the grounds this season; there is soooo much going on at our new little abode. Speaking of which, we are yet to have a working kitchen at this time. And, we basically live in a "work" many power tools. It's similar to a "camping" outdoor experience. No complaints, however, as the results will be worth the wait. Aside from that bit of my reality....

On a good note, for you, are you encouraged that springtime is a great motivator and a bit of a dopamine hit when considering new plantings this year? Do you look forward to planning a day to get into the dirt? There is something cathartic about that, don't you agree? Walking into the big box stores and even the dollar stores start to tease consumers with seed packets and new garden gloves, when you walk in. Yet, there is no assumption that the weather can still turn around and send another blast of snow to send us all back to a "winter's" nap. Always a reminder that one can never assume we have crossed over to that long awaited season that spring emits.

Even IF spring weather and planting gets a set back or delayed, it can be a great time, whilst indoors, to get out a notebook and peruse gardening ideas online; or even better, a gardening magazine off the stands. After all, just like planning a vacation, there is a lot of excitement in the planning. Because we have many a deer that enjoy the banquet we offer from our gardens, we are planning to remove a number of perennials and relocate them to our new house (no deer sightings thus far!!!). This way we are basically repurposing what we already have and it's just the time and labor of removing, transporting and replanting. So many times we were hopeful that the deer moved on, but we've been fooled for three + years now, so clearly we now know who the fools really are!!!!

So, back to your garden and/or deer issues. Because we, no doubt, have a little time yet to get out the garden gloves, why not set aside an afternoon; perhaps on the weekend if you work or a little after dinner escape to a book store or even a nice quiet place you can relax and browse a garden book or magazine. You could just dream of what you would love to have in your garden or maybe even make a definitive plan to curate a new garden space. I'll be doing that same thing for both garden scapes and each plan will have to cater to the sun direction, deer visitation quandary and what works best for plant location. After all, aesthetics are paramount to making a splash with that curb appeal concern...right? I cannot tell you how many times I anticipated the excitement of a new bloom that was surely coming, to find a 3" stalk the next morning!!! The deer must just laugh behind my back. Well, I am much wiser today and have plans to win this game of "cat and mouse"!!! I am determined to get the last laugh.

Have you a favorite pair of garden gloves? A hat perhaps? What about a basket for your cuttings? And what type of pruning sheers do you have in your arsenal? Soon you will have many options at your local hardware, big box store or gardening center...add these items to your list to lift your gardening spirit. New gardening tools are so fun to have are they not? Yet, I know some of you have a pair of care worn gloves you wouldn't think of giving up for a new pair. Alas, you are a seasoned seasonal gardener! I love that already about you! Let's continue this conversation on the other side of snow and blustery days shall we? Until then...

Little note: The photo above shows the crocus that appear in this field of winter and wind blown grass. Isn't it amazing the beauty that springs forth even in the barren of places? It's like nature is showing us who's in charge here. The resurgence of new life is a reminder of regeneration and renewal. It also reminds me that no matter what last season sprung on me... there are always new mercies and new opportunities every day. Often times, they spring up in the most unexpected of times and places. I don't know about you, but that thought gives a lot of hope!!!!

That's all for today...enjoy this new month and until next week, good on you! Jeanine

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