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State of the Art...and the state of Art...

Hello and good Wednesday to you. What a beautiful weekend of just enough sunshine to don a light jacket and catch a slight breeze. True Michigan fall far. This coming week looks like an offering of mild temperatures, maybe a little, all will be well. What is evident as the days pass by is that it is now quite dark in the early morning. It's noticable since this is the best time to get in a good walk to start the day. But, since it feels like it is hard to see and be seen, 8:00 seems to be the current start time. When Daylight Savings Time kicks us back an hour, my/our morning walk will be beaming with morning light (and that little time change is just around the corner). It's better to have lots of morning light for those walking to bus stops and school too, don't you agree?.

So the topic of today is two fold. My husband, Art, has been in a state as well as the state of artwork dispersed around the house at the moment. Art, my husband, has been working on our house in the city, now that we are a one house couple. We have been here now permanently and full time for the past month. The changes all around proves already the best decision with us, unanimously. It was a huge decision to sell our lake home and not an impulsive move at all. It was under discussion for many months before we consulted with a few outside opinions to help us see things outside of our subjective and emotional feelings. I'll just surmise it to say that we had two full time homes and only need one full time home. This new city home is situated so that we are central to everyone we love, so that is a huge uptick in our being able to visit them and they us. Also, being back in the city means a short walk or drive to the grocery store, etc. We miss the lake and where we lived, but neither of us is sad or regrets the decision. Moving forward now, we have a house with a number of rooms that need a whole lot of updates. This past month, even with the ongoing move at the time, Art was able to finish my office with a new window, beautiful base trim and crown moulding! In addition, he build shelves in the closet for my books, paint fans and business "stuff". Plus, a fresh coat of paint!!! It is my new "sanctuary space". This space is what and why I built my business philosophy around. It provides a room for writing, working on my business plan/files and a quiet place to read and relax. It is the quintessential "perfect place for recharging my batteries". Getting back to Art, my husband, his next project for our house is the living room. It will be a repeat of things we already started: new front door, new moldings and fresh coat of paint. This room is key to offering some hospitality and our ability to host a holiday dinner this year...which will no doubt be around the corner in a flash. Holidays are like that...they just keep coming back around, don't they?

And, on the subject of the "state of art" around our house...oh my gosh! Bringing a houseful of artwork from our recently sold lake house means that I now have the joy of finding new homes for all my treasured works of Art! Once I get things going on that, I will do a short video within a blog post and talk about choosing art and placing it in your home. I am a huge advocate of artwork and believe every house needs it. Hopefully this idea of sharing some ideas with you might align with preparing our home for the holiday dinner I mentioned above. Oh, now I have just laid down the gauntlet haven't I????? I just marked my calendar to keep that a promise to you and myself. So, make sure you read/watch that blog post.

Have a great week and enjoy some cider and donuts if you can make it to your local cider mill. The bees are buzzing here in Michigan; they love the smell of apple cider!!!


p.s. Last weeks post was about our guest bath and I mentioned that I would love to talk to you about choosing fabrics, paint and wallpaper. I think to make it applicable to you, rather than overwhelming in these tiny posts, I will break it down and take one topic at a time. To keep my word, I will talk about fabrics next time (while we are clearing and painting walls for artwork). This should keep us pretty busy talking on these wonderful, house changing opportunities!

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