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So let's talk about your Master Bedroom...

Good day to you! Both women and men, I write this for you. If you have taken away anything helpful from any of my previous blog posts, I hope you found something that resonates with you to incorporate into your daily routine. To shake things up a bit I would like to begin this blog with a question for you. On a scale from 1 to 10; with 10 being superb and 1 being a disaster, how would you rate the condition of your Master Bedroom? To clarify, I would say that a rating of 10 would mean that from floor to ceiling it functions just like it needs to and is aesthetically pleasing. To give a rating of 1 would mean that there is absolutely nothing that works for you in the room and there is nothing, aesthetically, to appreciate; even from the family dogs' perspective. Or, perhaps your room rating lies somewhere in between. This question is just to get you thinking about how you see the condition of your room.

I have another question and a story to provide some context to support my belief and theory about why this room should be a well done space in your home. So, let's begin: Do you realize that in this Master Bedroom you will generally spend 1/3 of your day...every day? To get real, let's look at some easy math: (let's just use a light number for this exercise). 75 years x 365 days per year = 27,375 sleep nights. 27,375 x 8 hrs rest = 219,000 hours spent in bed! Does that seem like ALOT of time to spend in any room that doesn't work well or make you feel good being in there?

Alright, so you get the math...still, what is it about this particular space that's such a big deal anyway? I've got bigger fish to fry right now you say. But, I would argue that it IS a big deal. I make my case with a true story I'd like to share with you. A number of years ago I worked as a flight attendant for a company that flew small CRJ 200's (50 passenger planes). Other than the flight crew, I was the only flight attendant on every flight. (To this day, it was the best "lifestyle" experience!) Once a year, each flight attendant had to undergo recurrent training to be re-qualified to fly for the next year. And, although the industry was ever changing, one thing never changed. It was this: Every flight attendant knew that in the event of sudden decompression, oxygen masks would automatically drop from the ceiling throughout the plane. As soon as the oxygen masks deployed, she/he must sweep (grab) the first available mask, secure it on her/his head and breath BEFORE assisting/attending to anyone else. It was a biblical like standard. In truth, attempting to assist someone else first would very likely cause you to pass out from hypoxia (our bodies reaction from lack of oxygen), thereby rendering you unable to assist anyone, let alone yourself at that point! Any flight attendant who reacted otherwise during the simulation would receive a failing grade,deemed unable to fly.

I use the above story as an illustration to argue that, for most of us, the natural instinct is to put others before ourselves. It's admirable and a way to show others we love them and want to protect them in all the ways we can! I used my real life story as an analogy to say that the same principle goes for your Master Bedroom. To offer yourself to the care and support of others requires you to take care of yourself...first. It really does. I know there are situations like having small children who don't sleep through the night; holding you up from getting the proper rest you need to feel your best the next day. But, you can initiate a plan, have tools in your arsenal (see my prior blog posts) and take steps to make that the hope or desire. To ignore your needs altogether for the sake of everyone else will leave you depleted mentally as well as physically. I spoke to a woman recently who acknowledged that she has seasonal depression, but followed up to say that she has two small kids right now and doesn't have time to think of herself. I wish the situation would have allowed me to offer some encouragement, but it was a pitstop moment. I wanted to suggest that she talk with her husband to see if they could work it out for her to have 30 minutes in the morning to take care of herself....This post could get really long, but if that is a common belief, no wonder some of us out there are doing the day coasting emotionally and physically.

Those of us with that additional layer of seasonal depression will continue to suffer if we don't believe our wellbeing is important. The other thought behind not addressing the symptoms is that this particular type of depression comes and goes. So, maybe because men and women only suffer "some" of the time versus all of the time, the mindset is to just "get through it". I would like to say that, whatever state of mind you are in, your emotional/physical health isn't something that just fixes itself somewhere down the road. And, nobody can be all things to all people. To try and do so often leads to compromises elsewhere in your life/relationships. The investment you make in your mental, physical and emotional well being TODAY benefits you in your TOMORROW.

Considering your Master Bedroom; If the above makes sense to you and you decided to address this intimate space, I believe you will be better poised to tend to the needs of others. It would be rather sad to think that you submitted to run yourself ragged by caring for others, having set your need for rest and refreshment aside...and my guess is that those around you hold you in high esteem already! You prove that all the time, in all the ways you show you care.

Is it time to consider a little "facelift" or master bedroom makeover? Would that also provide an endorsement to your loved ones, showing them that it is right to invest in taking care of themselves too. What a healthy legacy to create and pass on to those you love! Physical, mental and emotional health are paramount to a beautiful life!

And that is my offering today to support my case that ALL Master Bedrooms should be the most treasured room in the home! Before I even started helping people with interior decorating, I tell you the truth, every Master Bedroom my husband and I have ever shared functioned well and is/was beautifully finished! This subject matter is very near and dear to me...I believe in this particular space functioning well for specific persons and that it includes ways to address Seasonal Depression. If you have any questions about your Master Bedroom, please e-mail me anytime. Continuing in this vein, next week let's talk about color!; One of my favorite considerations with regard to creating a Master Bedroom.

Until then, have a great week....Jeanine

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