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Sifting, shifting like grains of sand...

Hello to you...I hope it's a good week for you as we are at mid-week. How is life going for you? Does is seem quiet where you live? Or are you in the thick of it with a packed schedule of fall/kids activities? Out where we are, it has become more and more quiet each week. It's especially noticeable on the weekends. For about a month now, we have witnessed a steady stream of boats slowly making their way out to the main part of the lake, heading to the boat launch. Each boat floats out in the same direction, at no wake speed, sauntering as in a flow similar to that of a funeral procession (as this IS indeed a one way trip for each of these watercraft). There is no fan fare, no giddy laughter and no fishing lines trolling behind in the water. Upon approach (at the boat launch) each boat and driver is met by an awaiting truck and trailer! And, each boat will be hauled into maintenance for an oil change and shrink wrap and finally to storage until next spring. It is a bitter sweet sight, and one that we too will make, as soon as we decide there are no more afternoons to squeeze in one last ride; because it's too windy and too cold to be on the water.

However, there is something quite calm and peaceful returning to our surroundings as the sounds of boat motors and summer music fades out to the sounds of Mother Nature; rustling of the trees, the whirling in the wind and flocks of birds in training for upcoming south bound trips. These changes are more indications that fall is having its day. Still, deep down the bigger truth that reveals itself, is that time is always pushing forward, regardless of the time of day/year, and no one can ever replay or relive the past day/month/season. You can't bottle a good day to release it another day. It's like those tiny grains of sand sifting through an hourglass (a fitting metaphor from a well known daytime soap opera) constantly dropping toward the bottom of that glass. Suffice it to say, then, that time is not static! To have enjoyed the lazy days of summer and be able to tuck away the memories is something to be ever so grateful for. We can hold tight to photos and conversation in our heads and hearts, but, to live out our lives daily/season after season, we get one chance to do that. This understanding and belief has kept me aware and awake to open every day to accept it, whatever it is and however it unfolds. Negativity gets little room in the everyday and wouldn't that make one the better for it? To be aware of the changes and embracing the moments means a chance to seize the day and roll with the constant adjustments. Would you agree?

It never seems to be a bother as each season gives way to the next. This attitude may just be relative to a positive mindset and keeping expectations lower than preferred. Would you agree that it's good to hold a healthy respect to the futility of life, and enjoy what you can, just as it is...right now? Transition is a way of life, so a good attitude towards it may be to always be ready for a constant change of plans. Anyway, this is getting a little deep for this short read.

If you are a person that enjoys change, then turning the page to a new chapter is similar to a fresh start. If you don't like change, perhaps you find yourself feeling a bit sad, lonely, anxious or empty. Few really enjoy it when "the party is over", because one of the most gratifying experiences is when we are with people we like and enjoy. So turning a "chapter" is an emotional jolt drawing you back to reality (even if you love your reality). Earlier, in one of my blog posts, I mentioned the ways in which our bodies are equipped with certain neurotransmitters, designed to produce specific feelings/activity. Dopamine is that lovely neurotransmitter associated with feelings of pleasure. So, to be in the company of people you love, and enjoying their company, is a huge dopamine hit. Who wants that to end? So, it seems natural to instinctively want to continue meaningful experiences or relive them, if possible... for as long as possible! But, the reality is that no-one can hold hostage their favorite people (I've considered planning a "takeover" and it's really not very courteous to your guests). And, remember that situational happiness is always temporary! Sometimes, it's just sad when "the party ends". And, that reality might trigger vacillating moods or emotions (or "mdm" mini depression moments). So, for a little bit you must deal with your emotions, finding the right place in your heart to save those wonderful memories... The human experience is exactly what we were created for and the main reason for being here, on this one habitable planet in our solar system! If you are like me, and have a REALLY hard time "when the party is over and everyone goes home", there is a "series" of emotions to process. Even though I consider myself a woman that lives for change, it's a whole other story when company starts packing to go home. I am "all of the above" when it comes to the "mdm" (above). To be honest, my demeanor is relative to a "wicked witch" meltdown! I lose all my dignity and sophistication, bending over to sob, as my people drive away. It's a ghastly view. But, once I have cried, I pull myself back together and give thanks for the company and savor the precious moments in my head and heart. If this is you, or part of you in any way, be glad they came! Ask them again...they will more than likely return! So, until such time...and as the calendar continues to shift every 30 days or so, the birds will return, the snow will melt, the sun will make its way back (and for those of us on the lake, there'll be a barrage of boats back out on the water) can count on that!

Thanks for checking in this week! Until next week...Jeanine

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