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Self Care, Mental and Physical Wellness ... today!

As a follow up from the last blog post that mentioned an upcoming visit to Perspire Sauna Studio...The photo above is one of the 10 personal sauna rooms at Perspire (Rochester, Michigan). Each sauna is a private lockable room and each session is 40 minutes. Temperature ranges from 130-170 degrees and delivers heat via infrared light rather than as in a traditional sauna. And this type of sauna heats the body from the inside out!!! 40 minutes in a traditional sauna at 140 degrees sounds like a little much, so know that this is very different. The light in these saunas are not like UV lights either (one of the choices is a purple light choice which is the last color the body can safely receive before harmful UV kind of light). In addition this should not be compared to tanning beds that are very harmful for your skin/body.

This experience in self care (at such a time as this), I can say, with sincerity, it was just what I needed, especially during this time of year. Just the thought of warmth, solitude, music and relaxation were enough to sign me up. There is so much more! The colored lights are adjustable and deliver different benefits. The temperature control is adjustable during your session too. The red light encourages cell regeneration and reduces inflammation, so that was my first initiative. The second light (in addition to the red at the same time) was green for relaxation, provides feelings of peace and harmony, just to name a few. Because the drive is a bit far, I will look for a closer location, once the package of 4 visits expires. Some of the other benefits include: better sleep, clarifying of the skin, immunity boost, body detoxification, faster recovery, relaxation of the mind and calorie burn (say what!!!). The effects are cumulative so, of course, the recommendation is 1,2 or 3 times a week visits. It's like anything else; as with exercising, you benefit as long as you are actively committed. Again, self care is a non negotiable if you want to live with good health, inside and out!

On another last quick note:

At the time this post is being penned/typed, it's still too early to know if spring 2024 is coming early, on time or (dreadfully) late! But, whatever the arrival, the above experience has drastically allowed for a release of expectation of a new season! If you are reading this at the time of posting, and if you are one who finds themself in the throws of a winter depression of any sorts, would you consider checking this out for your own mental and physical healing/wellness? So far, this type of self care combined with healthy eating (well, for the most part anyway), doing some type of workout (at home, at the gym, walking around your neighborhood, etc.), meeting up with a friend for coffee, meditation and/or something you find joyful, can be the remedy/nourishment you need right now! Not all of us will have the opportunity for escape to the sunshine state, tropical paradise or resort to offset the reality of cabin fever! Remember that self care can still happen if you get creative and are open to trying something new. Have a great week! Jeanine


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What a clever way to beat the winter blues! Personally, I can't try this one, but I've been very good about doing my P.T. exercizes often, and stretching that exercise time to a full hour by adding yoga and other things. Plus I won't go to bed until I have my steps for the day in, even if that means walking briskly around my house before midnight. (Funny image of me I'm sure!) Thank you for sharing ways to beat back the blues.

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Jeanine  Scott
Jeanine Scott
21. Feb.
Antwort an

Whatever we can do and in the ways that work is the best. I did have an image of you darting around your house. Make sure the drapes are closed. Your neighbors may wonder what you’re up to at such an hour! lol thank you for reading!

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