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My sisters...My friends!

Updated: Jan 30

Hello and welcome to this last week of August, 2022...

As my last post for this month of August, 2022 and one last hurrah as we turn the page to a new month and new season, I woke up today and thought of my sisters; all four of them. And, then I considered what I might say about them, individually, in a dedicated post to each of these ladies. As we are united as sisters, we are different like grains of sand. I asked them first if they would mind if I wrote something about them and each responded in a different way... and was I surprised? Hardly! So, as a little tribute to their own uniqueness and the different paths in life they have traveled, I write this blog for them. To veil their identity I gave time to consider a name that describes a quality unique to their character and personality. And, the writings are in no particular order; so it is not by birth order, nor is it written by how much I see them etc. It is by my freedom of thought and what came to mind as I spoke out their name.

My sister MKJ; I will call her Impervious because she, to me, is untouched by circumstances and situations that have, quite literally, been part and parcel in the journeys of the other three. Could it be that she is steadfast in keeping a crisis close to the vest or has her life's journeys been void of the drama and disruption the rest of us have endured? Moreover, I can attest that not one time did I ever get a "mayday" call...ever! in 50 years! Now, please know that of all my sisters, MKJ is the most restrained of all of us. From the time she was a little girl I remember her as quiet, a bit shy and a bright student in school! I do know this too about her; although one for a party, her personality and character is introversion. It should not be confused with having no opinion; on the contrary...I know this from conversations recently about our parents and the help they needed when both had Covid this past winter. But, if I wrapped her up in a word as to how I think she moves about in life, I would say she flies in stealth mode, until such time she is called to duty from the family dog or one of her kids/husband wants to engage. Now retired after 34 years, she packed for the summer and headed north to lounge by the water with feet in the sand. What the fall/winter will bring for her, I do not know. But, I know that it's time to take a draw from the uncertainty of time to be open to new ideas, new frontiers, new adventures, new beginnings (or not). The investment in the career she chose gives her the freedom to turn the page and open up a new chapter called Retirement; like looking out at the clearing from the forest of trees. It just seems like such a smooth ride with easy but firm choices. I wonder what is on the horizon for my impervious sister!

My sister SCG; Damn the torpedos! I will call her Tenacious Resilience! You don't know what it's like to walk in another person's shoes. Let's just agree on that shall we. Moreover, there are not enough words to describe the valley in which she has traveled. Before you think she's mincemeat, think again! I have yet to know anyone who has experienced a life likened to "warring in the trenches" as TR! From any point of reference in her journey, she has come through some circumstances that, only a person with an enormous amount of fire power in her conviction and faith, could still be standing. Combine the truth that she is a true introvert personality which, that in itself, presents its challenges. She has raised three children, now adults. Each of them live with a level of disability that my sister mitigates to this day. When asked how many places she has lived since leaving our family home, she demurred (it's too many to count). Moreover, she lived for a while in Japan as a missionary, traveled all over the world when she worked for the airlines and is still trying to pull out a travel adventure to offset the demands in life. To travel is to counterbalance life's challenging responsibilities. What is amazing about TR is her wisdom to see a situation and pull out a truth that just blows my mind. Her arsenal turns out the be the NIV (bible) and if I ever need to know where to find a word from the Word, I know I can ask TR. Battle on sister!

My sister MJG decided sometime ago to call herself Jesse. Her preferred name happens to be our maternal grandmother's mother's name. The only thing I will add to that name change is what I will call her for this little space: Perseverance and Artist Extraordinaire. She really is both! Perseverance, when stood the test, becomes resolute and indestructible! It's an amazing quality, but you've got to pass through a lot of hell, fire and brimstone to wear this on your lapel. And yet, for all of that, she seems to have a force field of protection around her. To be truthful, the life she leads is similar to the Jewish people and the 40 year walk to the promised land. She knows how to pick up and move on a dime. If this were a novel, it would be a story of adventure and intrigue. As she is a true free spirit, indeed. She has two grown daughters and is a grandmother too. Because she doesn't live with the constraints that we (the other four of us) have, there is a unscheduled rhythm to her life and she makes no bones about it. Another day in paradise...I imagine she would say. She visits us occasionally and is on our list of LMG (low maintenance guests). But, who wouldn't be when most of what she travels with fits nicely into her SUV!. Still, in all seriousness, I think her grounding shows through in her artwork. I have a lot of her work in and throughout my house. Artist's work is always subjective to the one looking at it and her work is unusual in its detail. Nothing abstract or Jason Pollack about her artwork. It is really intricate and drawn freehand. I believe that what she feels and believes is represented in her works. Keep going and let me know if I need to show up at a gallery to see your next piece of work or if you'll just sell it to me now. LOL

My sister KAB; a badass in all the best ways. I like to call her my alter ego: Competitive, Sassy and Determined! Her life has been colorful indeed! It has been a life of adversity, tough choices, and the demons of hell have surely shown up on her doorstop! More than once! As the book, War and Peace, starts out, I've seen her in the best of times and the worst of times! I truly believe it is in her determined spirit to overcome adversity and that determination is likely a derivative of competitiveness. So we've got a living trifecta, a "bat out of hell" voracity that keeps her from ever melting down. Like TR her fearless faith in a power greater than herself keeps her mind, body and spirit from ever losing ground to a principality that returns relentless in her life. We are not immune either; we don't get to pick how often we have to suit up for a possible shakedown in the spiritual world. The distance between us may be three states apart but, we often talk by phone during the week to sort out the world's problems and pray over our loved ones. CSD and I share prayer requests and encourage each other with the struggles we hold in life. Never underestimate the power of a younger sister and her willingness to share a burden! Thanks sis!

I hope you enjoyed a little inside look into the lives of my four sisters from my perspective. And, also I hope that they know how much they are loved and appreciated. No-one could replace you and I hope you know that, even at this juncture in life, you have a purpose and it's never too late to see that through or start something new!!!

Until next time...Good On Ya! Jeanine



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