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Living in the Moment!...

Hello friends, readers and those who fell into the algorithm this week...How are you doing today? And how is your summer going? If you are like me and aware of the receding light each day, by the time this post appears live, another 10 minutes of daylight will have been withdrawn; scheduled sunset to occur on 25 July at 9:13 pm. But, before we go there, the days are still bright and the rustle in the trees from that summer breeze reminds me there is a lot of goodness to be had. Moreover, Summer 2022 has been memorable already in the very best ways. We have had more overnight guests this summer than all three previous summers combined. And, we have been the overnight guests a number of times as well, in the last couple of months. We would not call ourselves "entertainers", as our house is small by "entertaining" standards. But, we love to offer friends and family a little hospitality with an overnight stay in one of our "prepared" spare bedrooms (we have two and they each have a doorplate with #148 or #248). We appreciate good conversation with a good cup of coffee on our deck in the morning. Our "guests" really enjoy this serene setting and it seems to send everyone home in a good mood. But, I want to get to the main point of this little blog and come back down to earth and say that these bliss filled moments never negate the reality that life is not: "all is well and perfect". We have, at this time, a few personal burdens and concerns that may or may not wash out. I'd like to say that we choose to function with an attitude, sprinkled with a little acceptance and grace each day. And we do the day with the truth that there are still realities running in the background that are heavy or difficult. To surmise this truth might be to say that we find joy in the day, even if our situation/circumstances are amuck. Further, as my daughter would say, "Living in the moment" is what keeps us afloat and able to enjoy what is before us....regardless. When my attitude is poised to live "now" I catch the little joys; like the deer that scatter through the woods on my morning walks... or, the latest brood of "seven swans a swimming and six geese a laying" on our lake. These little swimmers grow up so fast; if you are caught up in negative thoughts or what is "wrong" in your life, you will surely miss out on the good things around you.

I would like to add that as we move through this season, at least here in the U.S., it would be a good time to start thinking of how we want to feel our best once the symptoms of our seasonal depression start creeping in. This is a great time to consider the ways in which you thrive in the winter months; whether travel is in order, or a workout regime, etc. Remember that you are most likely to be receptive to making changes for your benefit when you feel your best, rather than scrambling to find relief when you are suffering with your seasonal depression.

Have a splendid week! And try to remind yourself to "Live in the moment!"

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