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Like the weaving of a great goes the story of your life!

Colorful threads create this beautiful pattern

Hello and happy Wednesday. Thanks for visiting today. Have you noticed the change in colors outside your front door lately? Every where you look there are colorful signs that signal the pattern of seasonal change. Most that live in the mitten state will attest that this particular time of year yields a beautiful landscape wherever you find yourself. Just outside my office window I can catch a glimpse of my neighbors tree, that is rapidly changing colors. On my morning walk I sighted a tree that, during the summer, bloomed the most unusual floral blooms. I still do not know what kind it is, but it has lost its blooms and is now starting to give up its leaves. The transitions during the fall are more notable and pleasing as the temperatures are gradual. It feels less harsh than when winter gives way to spring, when the wind can still be biting and bitter. And, of course fall gives way to all the promises and anticipation of the holiday season. More on that later...

But, now, as promised, I'd like to turn your attention to the connection between you (or rather all of us) and a beautiful/colorful fabric. Have you ever thought of your life as likened to the weaving of fabric? As with fabric, your life and mine are very different; even more, is that no two lives are alike as well; common ground between us or similar events/circumstances, but we couldn't be more different from one another. So, this would support that our lives lives are not synthetic like some fabrics on the market (and that you may be wearing right now), made purely from chemicals; they are more like natural fibers such as linen, cotton, silk and wool. The natural fibers that make up these kinds of fabrics are either plant based (making up your cotton and linen) or animal based (creating silk and wool). But, whether you make it your goal to wear one kind of fabric over the other, suffice it to say, you and I are the real deal! And, each of us is weaving the story of our life (as in the life of fabric) in different and unique ways. Some of what we live out is planned, while the rest is a lot like a constant pivot or sorts. Or, if we hold this truth against a thread for fabric; threads often break or have to be integrated into another spool of thread, creating a unique and special spot in the fabric as it is being woven. The little irregularity in the fabric may or may not be visible, but it is there. So, just like our lives, as we continue to weave new experiences, new chapters, planned or spontaneous (sometimes, unprepared for as well), we integrate them into our personal story. And, sometimes the "weaving effect" is visible and often, it is imperceptible to those around you. Do you agree? My life has moved forward in this way...I am very much aware of it as well....for now, let us get back to fabrics:

One of the real joys in interior decorating is the integration of fabrics in a room. It puts a spring in my step just to be surrounded by the plethora of choices in the design center near my home. It is amazingly talented artists who create some of the most extraordinary designs; so many taken from nature itself with florals, landscapes, animals, etc. Then there are textiles that might display a continuous and repeating pattern that, when put in the right room, brings so much excitement and pleasure. Consider the pattern of a vine that just repeats itself, to be placed in a room on all four walls, and find out that it produces a cocooning effect on those that enter into that room. Or the floral/outdoor farm inspired pattern that was originally created using a block printing technique (extremely time consuming to create), now reprinted for todays decoration. I have two small decorative pillows with one such patterned fabric that I have used now in several rooms and in several homes. The fabric was originally produced in the 1940's using a block print application in its original creation. Print blocking is a very expensive process and often cost prohibitive for many that want a certain look, thus placing the cost way over budget. Often though, a textile company may choose to re-introduce a well loved and worthy pattern for today's market. This was the story in my case. The once retired fabric on my pillows was pulled out of the the archives, and brought back using a more modern technique (and therefore must less costly than block printing) that would/could be mass produced. The fabric I am referring to is truly one of my most favorite and coveted fabrics in my home....Still!!!!

If you have a space in your home that you would like to incorporate some fabrics in your scheme, might I suggest you take a look at some Pinterest posts. Try searching under a specific color, motif or decoration style (Americana, English country, French, pre-war/1930's, 40's etc.) to start looking to see what appeals to you. Another way to learn about how to incorporate different fabric looks is to pick up a shelter magazine, House Beautiful for example, and check out what is on trend. Always remember that your taste is going to be unique to you (see above if you passed over what was mentioned about you and your woven life). I don't follow a particular decorator or style today; I believe what I love is evolving and that is one of the absolute joys of decorating. There is so much freedom and always choose what you love, not what someone thinks you love or should love. You get the picture....Next time I will write about how to mix fabrics for a space...

As always, thank you so much for reading this little offering. Have a wonderful week, Jeanine

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