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Learning to walk in the dark...

Updated: May 9

Hello readers and a drumroll please! It's MAY...already! It seems like, on one hand, we just put holiday decor away not too long ago...and then, on the other hand, winter has a way to dragging its feet to move on! It is most encouraging to see soooo much growth all around where we live. And the days...oh it is light by 6:36 AM!!!!! Our bedroom is not even close to being a sanctuary space; with rosin paper covering both bedroom windows etc. BUT, even so, I wake up as soon as the sun makes an entrance at the edge of the windows! I love getting up and grabbing that first cup of coffee to return to bed and enjoy that early bit of sunshine combined with a shot of caffeine! So good!

Today's post comes after sorting out and organizing an enormous pile of hand written notes I have pulled out of my head and jotted down for future writing etc. To be honest right off, this week has been a struggle in terms of how best to use my time. Again, it was that pile of notes that reminded me that it is very easy to get behind with staying organized...and even more, having a plan to stay on top of my blog posts and social media campaign. I just want to acknowledge anyone reading this, that if you are considering a new business, either online or other, know that it is a tremendous amount of time/work to get a momentum and a definitive direction. There is soooo much noise out there, it is very easy to start down a path and find it is a dead end for the type of business you intend to create. That said, that brings me to the point and topic of learning to walk in the dark. A friend recommended such a book a couple of years ago, titled: "Learning to Walk in the Dark" by Barbara Brown. It is a very easy read and some of it resonated with me for the present situation I have with my business. One very interesting story she shared was how she learned the importance of learning how to walk in the dark and that it really is that vertical connection with you know who...our God of the universe! She also points out an interesting thought in that we often equate all that is good with lightness and all that is bad with evil, danger and darkness. And the point of that assumption is what has helped me understand my "current condition" . To summarize what I think it means for me is this: I am going somewhere and I believe with all my heart that I am going in the right direction. I also believe it is God who is leading me there...wherever "there" is and will be. In addition, I believe God has a specific purpose/plan and direction for me...if only I am willing to walk in the dark. Because, friends, I am honest when I say that I am not certain where this business will look like next week or even tomorrow. I am fully invested in the work necessary to get me where it makes sense to go, but I cannot, for the life of me, SEE the path in front of me. The words came to me on my walk this morning as I lamented to my Heavenly Father that "I can't see a blasted thing or where I am going!" What came back to me the very next footstep I took; that it's no secret at all that I can't see at all and that is the whole point. With God, He wants us to know, like and trust HIM...even and especially when we cannot see what's coming. It's all part and parcel to the whole trust thing with God. What I do know (and yet, still cannot see) is that I trust that God IS taking me somewhere and HE is leading the way. My GPS IS already marked is there and it is finished and I am not supposed to SEE it with my eyes or through analytics. My sight is through the walk, the daily walk, moving forward in all the ways that have been presented to me and make common business sense with the tools available to me. After that, it's not for me to dwell on or have anxiety about. This realization and acceptance of feeling quite in the dark (or at least it feels like I am like this person in the photo....a bunch of trees and a tiny little light while everything else is in relief and pitch black darkness). I know that I am not lost; it's rather a query that I would like more information, a guarantee that this journey is not in vain. There are a few people that I have had to delay in seeing and I certainly could be making more time to be with others. And, yet, it is a very hard thing to explain in words, but I innately feel that I am exactly in the right spot for such a time as this. And, wherever and however the light will come on and I will see the results or progress my mind longs to see, I can press on towards that, regardless if, when I get there, it looks quite different than I imagine. It's really ok and it will be ok. I am going to continue to walk in the dark.

I should like to add something Art (my other half) said when I was putting this little writing in place. He noted that walking in the dark would be for anyone, including those outside the parameters of working on a business. Walking in the dark is for every person who has no idea of what is coming around the bend; yet, we continue to walk through the day, the week, the month etc. with a blind trust that our life is in the author's hands. If we really do trust that last sentence, we can/should experience a peacefulness in our being that quietly tells us to "keep going; keep striving; keep to the task...even if all the answers are yet to be understood. That is what Art says it means to him about walking in the dark. Thank you Art for your insight.

As I wind this up, it got a little introspective but I think today was cathartic...Perhaps there is someone who is challenged with an unknown path, unable to see things clearly. If so, I'd like to encourage you to keep going, until you "hear" or understand otherwise. You were made for a purpose and you have gifts/abilities that are unique to you. Carpe diem!

Have a great week! And, if you have decided that you need a sanctuary space to help you find a little rest and restoration, my course is coming out mid May. This is a free course for anyone; you do not need any design experience. I've got you covered. Get on our mailing list below and I'll see you soon!


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