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It's OK to circle back...

Updated: Jan 27

Good pre holiday weekend! The Memorial Day holiday is in a couple of days. You can hear the lawn mowers around our neighborhood, as people are getting a jump start to the weekend. Company may be coming...or the neighbors are finishing chores ahead of their anticipated weekend at someone else's home...

So, for today as well as the next six weeks, I decided to circle back and re-post some of the most popular blog post over the past 62 weeks that I have been writing. These posts were some of my favorite as they speak to thoughts and ideas I am most passionate about. Thank you so much for the support of visiting my "space" and for reading. It has meant so much to me and it has been a great, and very unexpected joy to write. I will be back on the other side of the next six weeks. In the meantime, enjoy these posts that, essentially, YOU chose by reading them!

I will post the first of the six tomorrow and then again each Wednesday.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day holiday! Jeanine

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