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It's a brand new year...2023!

Hello and Happy New Year 2023! Is this the year the Warren Commission files are released and we find out the truth behind the Kennedy assassination? or is that in 2033? In any case, there are bigger fish to fry. In my last blog of 2022 I mentioned at the very bottom that I would be making an announcement. So here it is: After much encouragement and contemplation, I have decided to pivot my business. Initially I sought to create an online business for women with seasonal depression by creating a master bedroom that would help them during their seasonal symptoms. However, I have come to terms that, although a niche in the truest sense, the service I offered left out a large number of women. So, for example, several women stated to me that although they don't fall under the category of "SAD" or "depression", they still have a need for help in "their season". More specifically, on any given day there are women who are going through something in their life that has changed their "gait", their "countenance", their ability to get a little down time! So many lightbulbs went off when I gave time to really listen to their lament. Fast forward to this writing and I would like to say that my entire website has changed (including a few beautiful photos of a recent project I was invited to collaborate on). I believe there is a place/opportunity to help women find rest, relaxation and possibly a restart by creating Sanctuary spaces in their home. So, to clarify, I still believe master bedrooms should be a priority when trekking out a plan to decorate a new home, newly purchased home, and/or for newly married couples, singles, singles with get the point. However, it can be said that not everyone feels that way, nor do women feel the need to create a bedroom that keeps them in that space in order to experience rest, refreshment and quiet time. As you will see, going forward, I want to expand the kinds of spaces one might gravitate to in order to take a little time out. In addition, I hope to offer creative ways to embellish/freshen up a space to make it a sanctuary. Everyone needs personal space... and having a space to have personal space can make all the difference in how we move through the day, whether on cloud 9 or in the throes of an unexpected disruption in life. So, onward we go...let's get this new year going in the right direction.

That is it, in a little nutshell today. Next week, I will have for you a post from my conversation with a woman I believe you will find very interesting. And, that is all the spoiler news on that.

May you seize the day today and the week ahead!

Until next time, good on ya! Jeanine

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