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...In the PINK!...

Updated: Jan 30

Hello friends! Is this a good day for you? Any last plans for the remainder of the summer? One last Hurrah, as they say...

Carrying the theme of the past several weeks, how about talking about the color PINK! Pink is really a light red hue; red with lots of white will eventually arrive at a shade of pink. This very pretty color is typically associated with love and romance. It is considered a feminine color; having something to do with the formation from childhood with little girl toys usually in pink or purple. Other qualities of this dreamy color are softness, kindness, nurturance and compassion. These sound so wonderfully feminine and gentle. Pink is thought to have a calming effect (think calamine lotion for a minute and the dreaded poison ivy!!!).

From previous posts about color, I believe we accept that color associations are affected by individual experiences. Moreover, color preferences are often linked to past experiences. An article I read recently suggests that those drawn to pink (or any color of choice) tend to have pleasant memories of the color, while the opposite is accepted as well. How do you feel about pink? Joyful? Creative? Loved? Content? Childish? Vibrant and Feminine? Refreshing? Does it connect with you with certain situations or qualities you are drawn to? Personally, I adore the color pink! I find it looks good on most women and men too, I might add. Ballet pink is a favorite hue of mine.

Pink, as a color, is versatile. Muted pinks can represent youth and innocence while loud bright pinks elude a boldness. Remember, whatever shade/hue of pink you are attracted to, so much is connected to past experiences, even cultural influences or personal taste/style.

For anyone interested in history, English castles etc., the childhood home of Queen Elizabeth's mother is located near Dundee in Scotland. Glamis Castle is extraordinarily beautiful! The sitting room is painted pink! It was breathtaking to see in person and one of the most remembered rooms during a visit in 2002.

The color pink in the decorating world includes lots of level of this color. Right now, my office is wallpapered in a floral of pink and levels of green, cream and a gray/oatmeal hue (color descriptions often include lots of colors that my eye sees so I include all that I notice). There are two hues of pink so to add layers, the options are light light pink to deeper tones. If you are on the hunt for a pink to use in your decoration, here are a few you might check out from U.S. companies and a couple that look like they could be fabulous from the UK. Happy decorating. (Remember, if you want help with your master bedroom, see my website for a way we can work together to make it happen; even if you just want to make little changes!)

  • Benjamin Moore Proposal

  • Sherwin Williams Alyssum

  • Farrow & Ball Calamine

  • Little Greene Rusling

  • Behr Cream Rose

And, of course, make sure you always start with a sample of a paint on the project wall to see if you like the hue. These are not exhaustive, just some that I find very pretty!

This is a short exchange today. I hope you are IN THE PINK! Until next time, Jeanine

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