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If January is the month for dreaming...

Updated: Jan 30

Hello and welcome! Your thoughts on the month of January? Have I found you snuggled up with hot chocolate in hand and cozy slippers on your feet? If you are in the northern part of North America, get settled's going to be a long and cold winter... And yet, I'd like to interject a good word to say that this January is a welcomed opportunity for us this year! We are on an unplanned adventure and it is always interesting how things just work out sometimes. I will add that I truly believe nothing is arbitrary, and the course of events in the last several months have set us up beautifully to take advantage of the "way things worked out". We normally take vacation during the winter months for sunshine, warmth, community and just to be lazy and unencumbered. However, we felt compelled to cancel our plans this year. The hurricane that pummeled Florida left us feeling like we should allow others to rebuild and we would return next year, etc. It wasn't a few weeks after that decision that my husband found a home for us, in an area that would allow us to be near our family. This is a long story so, to make it brief, we have been looking for a place to be closer to the things and people we love (and miss terribly). We did buy the house and at this writing we are in the beginning stages of an update. So, this timely decision to remain in "cloudy, snowy, rainy, drizzle ridden" north America, is perfect to get this house in order during the time we normally would be gone. I will be in self monitor mode as I do have a bit of seasonal depression. Perhaps the work on the house combined with the freedom to decorate this home may just keep the demons at bay. Our friends, who kept their promise to spend the winter in sunshine and warmth, are there to allow us to experience the fun vicariously. So far, they are having a blast!!! I am jealous...

Back to my original thought about January dreaming. How do you feel about that idea? Depending on where you live determines what kind of whether conditions you are having at this moment, certainly. So, I am primarily speaking to those living in climates that restrict outdoor activity, unless you ski, ice fish, skate or snowmobile!!! But, we are not addressing those hobbies. I specifically want to suggest that, for those of us living the month of January indoors, this might be a great time to make a plan for some indoor "organization"..."cleaning, sorting and pitching", you get where I am going. So, for instance, cleaning out and reorganizing linen/hallway closets gives you a chance to sort out old linens/towels/sheets that need to be replaced (or cut up for rags). How about outdated medicines and toiletries??? Maybe get some new bins for these items and make a punch list to pick up new "NyQuil and Tylenol". One promise I made to myself last year was to separate my sheets by room (queen for master, full for guest, twin for grandkids beds). I then bought ribbon and tie each set with a different ribbon for each room (blue for our room, brown for guest and navy for kids room). The flat, fitted and pillow cases are in their appropriate stack. This is not only organized but looks pretty when I open my closet. And, there is no guess work when I want a set of full sheets and have to unfold them to find I have the queen set. Bins are so easy to find and purchase...of course, you know where to go for these. Just measure the space you want to include them and then find the size you need to stack or fit on your shelf.

Dreaming lets us think big. And, dreaming doesn't have limits. Consider some possibilities of things you want to do this year and maybe set up some reasonable goals when you find yourself dreaming. Find some quiet time and a space that allows you to dream. Make some hot chocolate or your favorite, for me is reserved for the morning and wine is always an after dinner libation. Hot chocolate or tea are meant for sitting down and sipping slowly, so they make better partners when you want to sit and dream. I hope you find your way to a place for yourself to dream this cold and chilly month of January.

Thank you so much for reading this week. I'll be back next week...until then, Jeanine


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