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For The Love of Travel...Part 1

Icelandic Horses

Hello reader! Thank you for checking in today. It's been spotty blogging for the last couple of months. It's not that there isn't something to offer, however, it's been quite a full and lively summer! As of last fall we have been working on our "city" house and it is a huge updating project. Couple that with the endless opportunities to see loved ones on a regular basis, we find ourselves pleasantly pleased with our new "landing spot". Lastly, we took a 10 day vacation in June that delivered us to the small continent of Iceland! To keep this blog post reasonably readable in less than 5 minutes, I will give just a little glimpse of our adventures today.

This trip was scheduled almost two years ago...and here we are, on the other side, with our photos and memories now to reminisce about in conversation and treasure dearly in our hearts. So we were a party of six (Art, myself, our daughter and her husband, his mom and step-dad). This trip was a first to Iceland for all of us. And, this would be only our second ocean cruise; and our first with Viking. It is hard to find the perfect descriptive word without adding that this trip was a new and delightful experience from the moment we set our foot in the city of Reykjavik! The continent of Iceland is about the size of the state of Kentucky.

As you can see by the photo above, which I borrowed, one of the most endearing experiences was our afternoon horseback ride. It is said that these horses are far easier to ride than most horses; in that they are smaller in stature and their nature is more gentle and easy going. The horse chosen for me was 15 years old; her name: Stulka. She was said to be a more well behaved horse and better for beginners like me. I have to say that this was a great way to start out this fabulous vacation. Led by our guides, we rode our horse on the trails that led beyond a small forest like setting, complete with lupine flowers that filled the ground on both sides of the trail. Still perched on our horses, our guides led us to stopping point, about midway into our ride, to let us all get a snapshot of our outing. (see below). Once we got comfortable and connected with our horse, our guides turned up the pace and we all began to gallop/trot, eventually bringing us all back to a steady easy gait. This was so worthwhile and I highly recommend this should you find yourself on the continent of Iceland!... And, although I am so proud of this moment, I will say that I came back with a sore (extremely sore) bottom as I had trouble finding a good way to keep up with Stuka's gait. Still, this afternoon will be added to my list of accomplishments and a very warm memory with our friends.

Mark, Kerry, Art and Jeanine on our Icelandic horses!

I will end here, but I will continue next time with some of our finer adventures. Until then, do you have any vacations coming up? I think we are meant to travel, see the world, have and share experiences. It opens up our horizons! We start to relate to people and places outside our personal environment/where we live. We get to see how other people live; their blessings and their challenges! And, lastly, but most intriguing to me, you get to immerse yourself in their heritage; their country's beginnings; their history!!! This never gets old!!!

Have a great week! Jeanine

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