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For the love of flowers...

Updated: Jan 27

Easter Lily's are still blooming!

Hello and welcome to this week's blog. And, it's all about flowers today. The beloved Lily in the photo above is still gorgeous one week on...and either you love them or ? I think they are gorgeous; so much so that I was so very happy to have received two such plants for Easter and am excited to find just the right spot to plant my very first flowers of spring 2023. So, dear reader, how do you feel about flowers? Do you prefer fresh cut from either your garden or nearby florist? you prefer perennial flowers that return each year in your garden, not having to do much but sprinkle with some water and watch them come back every season? I vote for all of the above...and in abundance! As you already may be aware, we have night crawlers at the lake (many a deer that have informed their friends and family that we have a banquet that awaits) so just as soon as plants give an offspring of beautiful blooms, they disappear almost as quick as they came. So far as we can tell, it's a different opportunity altogether at our new home in the city. This reality has sparked some real hope of having lots of flowers once we turn over most of the yard. We will be busy removing old foliage and plants that may or may not be weeds in real life. No matter; we are happy to have this project and it gives us an opportunity to come up with a yard layout of our own.

So, if you are in that state that looks like a mitten...were you a little bewildered when you looked out your window yesterday morning? Seriously! My husband, Art, called me to look out the window and said "Do you see that?" And I said yes it's raining. He said "NO"...the other stuff! And I said "I only see rain!"...because once you've admitted that you did, in fact, see that white stuff...well, you can't UNSEE it! So I chose denial! I put my puffy coat away so even as it was freezing out this morning, I put on my sweatshirt! I am not going back people! Enough said...let's move on...

I just want to say that I made a run to pick up some fresh flowers (how timely for this post) yesterday because I am very much affected by my surroundings and IF there was IN FACT snow on the ground I had to fight it...and that meant that I needed a hit of something pretty! So, I also have included at the bottom of this post a little video of said flowers. I want to go on to suggest or encourage you to consider fresh flowers as a way to bring the outdoors indoors. You don't have to wait until you are shocked (like I was yesterday) or down emotionally to have some fresh flowers to indulge your senses. In fact, I know several women who have weekly deliveries of fresh flowers sent to them. How lovely is that!!! And, think on will be another month or so before we are able to plant our annual flowers outside so this could be another reason to stop at your local florist or even your grocery store and pick up a bouquet for your kitchen counter, bathroom or your nightstand or office.

Did you know that fresh flowers diffuse a natural fragrance that can help to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation? And the sight of fresh flowers can stimulate creativity? For such an easy and inexpensive way to turn your day around, in addition to improve your overall well being, I hope you make a run today to honor yourself with some beautiful flowers! What are your favorite flowers? Do you prefer a large bouquet of a variety of different flowers or are you content to look at one extraordinary single bloom? Think of that one single flower in a tiny bud vase to simply tuck in a small space on your bedside table! Dreamy and just very simple to do.

I look forward to the month of May in our mitten state when everywhere you look there are flats of flowers on roadside stands and fruit markets. Hanging baskets adorn the outside of every grocery store! Even big box stores have a plethora of choices and their outdoor gardens are overflowing with plants, shrubbery, annual flowers and perennials! I sometimes get carried away thinking I can't leave unless I buy something; everything is so stunning and beautiful! It is always better to have a plan and know where something will go, so I do work at restraining myself as I've found myself walking out with a beautiful plant with no "right" spot to put it. Sun, shade and location makes sense to me and some plants require more of this or that...still, I can't help but get lost in beautiful surroundings. Are you as dizzy in love with flowers?

I wanted to give you a short tutorial on cutting flowers for a small vase; instead I simple included the video as I cut my flowers without sound. But, when you are cutting fresh flowers, make sure the water is cold; warm water will encourage them to open right away. Also, once you cut the stem (on an angle) get it into the water within 5 seconds to avoid the stem from closing and it being unable to drink water. And, lastly set your vase close to the edge of the table/counter and hold the flower next to the vase and decide how much to cut off. I think you can see this in the video but maybe this will give you some direction. A few years ago I took private lessons from a florist and she was gracious to teach me about some cutting techniques and a few helpful tips I am passing on to you!

Have a great day, Jeanine

P.S. Our online course to create your own sanctuary space is coming soon...if you think you are interested, visit our website and click on Courses to get on our mailing list!

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