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First Initiative

Hello and welcome! This is week 3, blog 3 and I left off last week with a list of symptoms outlined by Dr. Rosenthal in his book "Winter Blues". Initially, my thought was to talk about the suggested tools in the lineup for managing SAD as a practical action. I know that when I want to enhance my mood or feel better physically, I want a practical application. Something I can DO. However, after doing some more reading and researching online to see what other information/articles are available on this topic, I believe that there is something else to consider first. And, it is not just worth noting, but probably wise to suggest that the number one initiative is: Education. To make an informed decision on what kinds of treatments would be appropriate for a particular brand of Seasonal Affective Disorder, it makes sense to read all that we can to know what applications work best for each one of us. After doing a search for information and answers online, I found a number of sources (Verywell Health, Health Matters, Medline Plus and Mayo Clinic) that were interesting, easy to understand and supportive in getting help with this disorder. A common thread in all that I have read so far is when to see a doctor. The article from the Mayo Clinic suggests that it is normal to have days when you are down. But, "if you're feeling down for days at a time and you are unable to get motivated to do activities you normally enjoy, seek out your health care provider." Further, this article states that "it is especially important if your sleep patterns and appetite have changed." The Health Matters article added that "when you do seek help, make sure your health care provider has the expertise in SAD specific treatment." Some wise advise indeed. Until next week...take care, Jeanine

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