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As we continue on the theme of "Sanctuary Spaces"

Good Wednesday! Can you believe we are already on the down side of February? Being that it has been a more mild winter than expected, it seems that those around me are in good form! According to Punxsutawney Phil, 6 more weeks of winter was expected, so it may be a little premature to start sorting spring clothes!!!!

Last week's blog post mentioned and described Sanctuary Spaces; and what are they...and this week is a follow-up to that. As a re-cap, sanctuary spaces are for anyone seeking a bit of retreat from the demands and stresses in one's life. And, whether you are a man or woman, every "big" person who does life with things like: jobs, relationships, heartaches, raising littles, raising tweens and beyond, experiencing a loss of some sort or a recovery from a circumstance/situation, qualify to have a place to find some solace and refreshment.

This area of wellness is a huge mission in my own life and I truly believe it could be of benefit to others. I encourage you, dear reader, to consider an answer to a few questions:

  • Do you take time for yourself, just to be by yourself?

  • If so, do you take time regularly?

  • Is taking time out a priority for you?

  • Do your loved ones know that this is important to you?

  • Do you have a routine for this particular time?

  • Do you have a specific room or space dedicated for this solitude?

  • If not, but you believe it is important and you could benefit, what is holding you back from making the commitment to yourself?

These are just a few questions to get you thinking.

Anyone at anytime could be the lottery winner of a situation or circumstance that forces you to adjust the way you are currently doing life. Smooth sailing, cloud 9 feelings and stress free life styles are rarely a long term thing. Of course, no one wishes atrocity for anyone! But, could it just be said that no one gets to "order" the good life. Indeed, there is illness, death, accidents, unexpected tragedy. But, what about just being plain old tired; in need of a little rest/downtime? How about a chance to disconnect to meditate, do a little yoga, listen to soothing music?

Speaking to a young mom a few weeks ago brought to mind that one doesn't have to be in the midst of a sensational time in life...the need for a nap to recover for the next "shift" would offer restoration to have the energy and emotional mindset to be able to give more to loved ones. Does this relate with anyone out there?

See if you have an opportunity to claim some space in your home as a preemptive strike, if you will, in order to be prepared for the day when you really need to have a place to retreat. Doesn't that sound like good news? Waiting until the flare-up or that feeling of exasperation to get you dialed in, to agree you could really use a place/space to hide, results in too little, too late (as they say).

If I could give you a little homework assignment, I would say to you: "This weekend, see what you come up with for your space of retreat"..."Then consider what works best for you when you need to BE at rest (i.e. music, meditation, sound machine, noise cancelling headphones, etc.). After that, consider what piece of furniture would be best for you to relax?; a recliner, chair and ottoman, chaise, sofa? Then finally, what things do you need at your reach in this space?; i.e. books, notepad/pen, yoga mat/water, coffee or soft drink etc. or essential oil diffusion.

Self care is not a luxury as some might think. It is choosing to take good care of yourself that leads the way to be able to then care for others. Depleting yourself by not choosing to live intentionally in a wellness mindset sets you up for default: an emotionally and physically deprived way of life. How sad to write that last sentence. It just seems right to make a point here that I support and honor this philosophy in my own life.

I hope this gives you something to think on this week. Be well and take good care of yourself! Your family will be delighted to see a well rested and rejuvenated YOU!

Until next week, Jeanine


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