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"And you just gotta remember, Sparky - no matter what they tell you...

Updated: Apr 15

- you can "never" have too much sugar. Michael 1996 (John Travolta)

Indeed I believe it to be my heart anyway! Hello readers! The is the second Wednesday of April 2023...already! Spring has sprung. We see new signs of life EVERYWHERE! Speaking of new life, last Sunday we are once again reminded of why we are so joyful every Easter Sunday. I hope it was memorable for you and your loved ones.

Realizing that it has been a whole month since I was Paris bound, reliving that fabulous week scrolling through my photos, I noticed that I inadvertently pulled together a common thread. The visual beauty in and throughout our daily walks in Paris was captured in what the French are known for; and that is their pastry shops! Cheese and wine as well, but if the French hold anything over us, it is their artistry and creation of pastries! It is quite miraculous that we each didn't come back to find we had gained 10 pounds. Being conscious of our sugar intake (and pastry's are all about sugar are they not?) we indulged only after a good long walk and when we felt it was worth exchanging a roast beef sandwich for a luxurious dessert and coffee/cappuccino. All three of us photographed during the day to capture sights we felt were poignant and significant to whatever aesthetic made us look good (of course!). But, I am certain that we would all agree that we would be remiss to NOT have a plethora of snapshots from various patisserie's. Know that if you have yet to visit Paris; you will never go hungry and you will never have a bad meal. I would say the same thing about Italy. Every street/avenue presented itself in a unique way with interesting storefronts, doors that open onto courtyards (that are most assuredly by invitation only), boulangeries and pâtisseries. And, to be able to savor all the wonderful moments and memories still fresh in my mind, photos allow us to reflect on what words cannot describe. Photos indeed invite us to take a walk into the past (even if it is only one month out) and let us reminisce all of the goodness of Paris.

To add a little insight, this particular trip would be my fourth and my two sister's first trip. My intent was to help them get their bearings and to follow them wherever the spirit moved them. Paris is never too much for me. I would go back again, if just for another glimpse of places I've already been; it's just that akin to me. I think I will add a codicil to my Will that announces that my desire is that my ashes be scattered in Paris!

Where does your spirit long to travel on this green earth? When will you go? Can you handle the adventure and keep the promise to yourself that you WILL go to that place, even if it is far off in your plans? Will it be outside of the U.S.? If so...Don't forget you're going to need a passport! And, fair warning; in Paris...the lines are long and the process is a bit unnerving coming back through Charles de Gaulle airport to bring you back down on American soil. Three hours is never too long to plan on getting through the French security system! Aside from those little tidbits of information, make a pledge to yourself that you will take that trip (that one you keep close to the vest perhaps); that you will risk stepping into a culture that is not your own; that you will embrace the differences and nuances of the way in which other people speak and engage in conversation etc. Consider that you will have a lot to add to conversations when you return home. You will have something wonderful to share and talk about. This "way of life" adds to your life experiences, it ups your ability to share things others have yet to experience themselves and you are that much more interesting! It rounds you out in that you have a point of view that is from real live "been there" moments. And, being adventurous surely adds to your quality of life because when you travel, you can't be in two places at one time. Life where you live simmers while you are away and you immerse yourself in the life you are headed (if only for a short while). Be where you are, in the present moments, because when it is over and you are back doing your life, you now have to scroll through your beautiful photographs to wander back and dream all over again.

This was a fun blog post to write as I believe it was cathartic for me to write what I experience upon return of a every beautiful vacation! I think I just wrote this for myself and now I offer some brief insight to you!

Cheers and have a great week! Jeanine

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