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And the fun continues...

Hello readers! It's already mid-August in our summer 2023! The grocery stores and office supply stores are stocked with "back to school" supplies; a big visual aid that we are in month three of the typical Michigan summertime. But, before we start feeling that reality, let's move on to another topic, shall we?

Last blog post was of our fabulous trip to Iceland, part 1. It was such a joyful time and created so many memories to have and to hold. So much so ,as I sit at my lovely desk...looking out on some telephone and electric wires and tons of clouds in the sky, I am happy to step back in time for a bit and linger on this occasion. But, why do I tell you the details of where I sit? In short...we moved! Not so fast...we are in the process of moving, I should say. We are currently in the home we purchased last fall; as our "city dwelling" to be near those we love so much. It is our lake house that I refer to. At this time we are in the process of moving, just waiting for the closing date. It is a long and somewhat somber story that I would like to share some other time...perhaps. And, this last bit of information is why I am so happy to take a walk backwards to this past June.

I started out that last paragraph about the joyful time and that is the focus for today. To give you an overall and short version of the trip beyond day 1, I included several poignant photos that capture, I feel, the gorgeous and rather natural surroundings throughout this small continent, as well as our party of 6!!! (see below for those photos)

These photos in particular capture the first few days as we cruised around Iceland. Summers in Iceland typically hover in the 40-50's but, we were lucky to have that and more. Slight wind got us one day and next time you will catch an umbrella shoot, as we did have a bit of rain. No matter, this gorgeous and natural setting allowed us to be swept up by the beauty surrounding us. There is no such thing as sensory overload in Iceland, sans the big city of Rejevenik. This certainly was, in my opinion, why this vacation was so calm and peaceful for me; even though I do love a big city and enjoy shopping etc. However, this trip was very different from other's for that very reason of being natural and serene. The above photo of us and our friends, Mark and Kerry, at the Spa Lagoon was the most perfect way to begin a vacation. After all, who doesn't like a trip to the spa. This was a real treat and included an experience to include a salt scrub, nice long sit in a sauna while looking through a room size glass window. Looking out at the water, and not one person, place or thing to distract, made one feel as if being truly one with nature. A few people assumed there was no window; like you could just walk towards the window and jump into the water. It was that promising! Some of us opted for a cold water plunge as part of our experience and 10 seconds was enough for me. I think the water was 45 degrees!!!!! You can see in the first photo (left) a real homestead, surrounded by pristine waters. Imagine living there and waking up everyday to see and know how quiet and blissful it must be...well, until you need to make a run to the market for that forgotten item (lol). The waterfalls (bottom left) were simply breathtaking, both visually and audibly. The strength of the constant pouring of water is a personal favorite and why I will never tire of visiting a waterfall! Lupine (bottom right) is plentiful and has a story of its own and you either like it or find it invasive to the landscape. I loved it! And, I think it added a softness to the land, especially as a backdrop against the volcanic rock/lava. The photo of the six of us was a treat because 4 of us went on a four wheel excursion and 2 of us sauntered through the little town. We eventually met up and here we are. The photo is a testament of how much we enjoyed each other throughout the trip. We are as happy as we appear! Art (top middle) is more willing to get in a photo and I love this one as he appears relaxed (and, that is not his "normal").

If you like to vacation, experience different lands, cultures and lifestyles, then we have common ground. It is a firm belief that we were made to experience life through the means of travel and visiting foreign places (even if it's just outside your city "gates"). Next time I will give you a bit of insight on the later part of our trip and one unexpected treat!

Until then, have a wonderful week. And, if you are looking to create a space in your home (as I surely will be doing this fall, now that we are combining two homes into one), I have a little course to help you do just that. It can be found on the front page of my website at the tope, titled Course.

Thanks for reading today...good on you! Jeanine

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