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...all the noise, noise, noise, noise...the Grinch!

Hello readers! How are you on this mid week day? Have you checked in yet to the Holiday Season - 2022? On a scale from 1 to 10, where are you on the "making a list and checking it twice" gifts procurement? You've done this for some time now; have you a system that allows you to savor and enjoy every minute of this momentous season? Or, is your approach somewhat to an episode of "Survivor"? Do you wish to prolong the festivities OR long for a "fast forward and let's turn the calendar please!"? Are there specific traditions that warm your heart every year? OR do you panic at the thought of another repeat of last year's menagerie, etc.?

Wherever you find yourself on the holiday festivities, celebrations, or humbug attitude spectrum, would you stop for a few minutes to adjust yourself right now and just read a little bit of confident (hopefully) words that might offer a little consolation and encouragement?

Whether you look forward to the holiday season as a joyful time and you are organized, love gift giving, baking, singing carols, writing and sending Christmas cards, preparing a list for a special meal, placing decorations throughout your home and Christmas tree...or you are Grinch struck!...OR perhaps somewhere in between, I want to ask you something...

In the midst of all of what you do or do not do, have you considered doing something special for yourself as a gift to YOU? So, I know you take care of yourself in terms of daily needs and perhaps you have a routine to honor and care for YOU...but I am wondering when was the last time you took time out from all the necessary/daily/routine, especially during this high wired time of year? Have you considered how you might benefit from an afternoon or day (if you can arrange it) to refresh your mind, emotions, body and spirit? Whether this would mean a visit to a spa, a leisure walk through an art museum, an overnight at a bed and breakfast (somewhere located where you can stroll through a few shops and grab a coffee, lunch or afternoon tea), the goal is to make this about you. Think of how this might prepare you to enjoy the holidays even more, having "filled your bucket", so to speak. If you are someone who doesn't generally do things alone, would you give it a try?; to remove "noise" allows you to rest (even when you are nurturing your senses at an art museum!). Noise is what we all adjust to in order to do LIFE; noise eventually becomes normal. It's like living near a train track; and you hear the train everyday, until you don't. The brain adjusts and the noise becomes part of the everyday. But, let's say you move, and now live on a lake, and suddenly realize that there is no "noise" is like you forgot what "peaceful" sounds like!!!! It's a bit of a shock to the senses! What happens though, is you realize how refreshing it is to hear the sound of leaves rustling and birds chirping. Amazingly it "de-stresses" your mind and your shoulders relax! Go figure!!!!!!

The grinch was incensed with all the NOISE that came with Christmas time (do you remember that beloved Christmas story?). I know he had other issues too, but it makes sense when it appears that there is a sudden immersion of sights and sounds that literally consume us for two solid months! And, I LOVE this time of year...all of it! So, my very point is to suggest that because you are on the ride as well, consider how might you draw out a little bit of time to reset your mind and better make room to experience the "noise" of this time of year you love so much, once you've "heard" what it's like in those few moments of peacefulness and rest. What does that look like for you?

Those are my thoughts for you today; I hope you find the rest and refreshment you need to make this the happiest of Christmas seasons.

Until next time...joyeuses fetes (happy holidays in French), Jeanine

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