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A woman of integrity; on the field...and off

Hello and welcome back to a fresh and new blog post. As you may know, we went on hiatus for the past 6 weeks. We took 6 of our top read posts and did a "circle back" by posting each of the 6 over the past 6 Wednesdays. It was a two fold purpose. The first was that there has been so much going on in our private world, it seemed like a nice opportunity to talk a little break from the "keeping up with the ... blog posts" and secondly, I've had a few new revelations with regard to my business direction after I launched my online course. Anyway, I/we are back and this is a brand new post for today.

Several weeks ago, during the Memorial Day holiday, we had a chance to attend two soccer tournament games played by U-10 boys. It was a wonderful day, two different levels of soccer teams...and their opponent teams as well. What was and is the significance I want to share is with the woman at the helm of these two boys teams. We sat ringside, so we were privy to much of the conversation and direction throughout each game. The first team we watched had little intervention from their coach, which we appreciated, as it appeared their instruction was already tracking by their plays. Also, we liked that the coach mainly got to observe calmly and interjected only when something was obviously not working or the suggestion might enhance the direction of the ball...essentially. The second game was more intense and we could tell that the play was a bit more "elevated". The coach did not sit down during the game and was quite verbal throughout. We could see a different skill set, but, once again, enjoyed all the happenings. Sitting ringside allowed us to eavesdrop during half time and we found a very endearing moment I thought I would share. We do know this coach to be extremely mindful of living in the moment, but NEVER in the past. She has indeed incurred many a situation that could have kept her living in the past, had it not been for her determination to grow emotionally as well as meet life's challenges head on! Believe me, we've seen it! OK, the story I want to share: So, this player came off the field at half time and the coach asked the team to gather around to listen to some thoughts on the game so far. This young player raised his hand and the coach acknowledged him and asked him to "go ahead" (and speak), he says "Coach, I still don't know why my ball didn't go into the net!" Further, his teammate, Josh, said as much "I don't know why James' ball didn't go into the net!" Just listening to that lament made me smile. Both boys just can't quite get over the fact that the ball didn't go into the net...further, they didn't score a goal. So, then, the coach said back, kindly, but affirmatively..."James, we don't want to live in the past...let's think about what we are going to do now for the rest of the game". Isn't that just the best response? I thought what she said was brilliant and full of wisdom and truth. If only we could live like that! I will end this story to say that I am so proud of this woman's character, her wisdom in "off the cuff" situations and the training she has offered to so many kids who just want to play a game of soccer. And, I will add that she has overcome a number of obstacles, one of which is being a woman in a primarily male dominated sport. She overcame an adverse environment to coach at the college level and did so with much integrity and never gave in or up on her vision and her belief system to exercise her gift of leadership and coaching. To coach well and to instill confidence in others you need to be confident in yourself. Confidence begets confidence. I love that we got to share in this experience ringside. It is so different than just being a fan on the other side of the field. Thank you coach for the best seat in the house. We loved watching your hard work come to life on the field!

So, just to let you know, this woman happens to be our oldest daughter, Jamie. We love who she is and what she has done in her life. And, this little post isn't even all that she is...but I think that is another post altogether. I never want to keep you too long...

And, until next week, take care... Jeanine

p.s. my online course to help you create your sanctuary space is just one button away...

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