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A spot for tea for a "spot" of tea...

Can we just say right off that these macaroons are the prettiest pink and wouldn't they just be divine with a cuppa? ... Before we go any further, why not make yourself a nice cup of tea and sit a spell. Tea, unlike coffee, invites one to take a little break. It is so much more enjoyable anyway to sip tea and take your time as opposed to drinking coffee from a paper cup...on the run .

Hello and welcome to our last Wednesday in the winter month of February. So far so good on the emotional roller coaster for winter 2023. I thought we would have had more snow and we walk nearly every morning...and it's been like a breath of fresh air. We have, however, missed our friends down south and no-one called us to sub for bocce. :(. I suppose a two day drive would be a lot to ask of us. So thoughtful of them to consider how inconvenient that would be for us (Ha!)...

How are YOU doing thus far? Are you anxious to turn over the calendar with bright hope for spring? Is it too early to start talking about planting flowers and splitting perennials yet? Having a day of sunshine, even if the temps are still low, seems to trigger a desire to walk around the yard to see if anything is popping up yet. Talk about being anxious to see some signs of hope right?

Easter is still another 6 weeks away, so perhaps a bit early to put out the bunnies, but I thought about decorations for spring today. Have you a spring wreath for your front door? Just because it's quite likely that we will find a few more dustings of snow in the northern parts of the U.S., it might cheer you up to think about donning your front door now. For just the conversation it might induce from a neighbor or friend, you might consider doing such a thing. Last year I had a wreath made for our lake house...not for the four people that pass my house each day, but for my own personal love of beautiful things. It just makes me happy. We have been working on our new house in the city and I am considering that another wreath may be necessary, not for the 30 + people that pass by each day, but again for the personal charm it evokes. As for spring decor, it seems like I put out less and less each year. The difference is that I have make it a point to buy better and keep it longer these days. So for you, what will you focus on as far as spring decor? A few key pieces sprinkled around your home can be focal points for you and for guests to enjoy. Perhaps something added to your mantel, dining table, buffet, or kitchen island to catch someone's attention. A visit to a specialty shop that does floral arrangements might be able to make give you inspiration to order a beautiful wreath or spray for your space.

The colors of spring are so uplifting, especially when compared to the void of color once autumn gets ahold of your leaves and the grass loses it color. I call it new life and I guess that it really is when you think of it. Renewing and refreshment are also words that come to mind when thinking of spring.

A suggestion for you might be to pick up some flowers next time you visit the grocery store. Try picking out some greens for the outer part of your vase; then choose two shades of your favorite flower (i.e. carnations, alstroemeria, tulips, roses or daisies) to integrate and mix against the greens. How pretty!!! Put them on your kitchen table for everyone to see or tuck them away in your bedroom on your nightstand for your own personal delight.

As we say goodbye to February and open up the month of March, I hope it is and remains a good season for you. Until next time, Cheers! Jeanine

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