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A guest bathroom for...well, guests!

This half bath is a little jewel box...

Hello and happy Wednesday...already the second week of September 2023...are you feeling the transition yet from summer to autumn? Are you in a climate that, as it begins to cool, encourages a bit of layering as you dress for the day? The fall season is simply a breath of fresh air..quite literally as the temperatures make a gradual shift downward. Here in the mitten state, it is hard to find anyone who doesn't welcome the seasonal changes. Even with the less warmer temperatures on a regular basis doesn't mean you won't find an opportunity to take a dip in the water/swimming pool (although most public pools close after Labor Day). And, here in Michigan it offers us a chance to make fall planting plans well into November, barring the frost! Once the ground starts to freeze, planting subsides as roots will freeze and watering anything at that point will become a layer of ice. So, setting all that aside, let's turn our attention to the photos above, shall we?

This is a recent photo of our guest bathroom in our new home, as of last fall. And, this is now our only home and a permanent one at that. We are so excited as the purchase of this home set us up for what we have been missing, and painfully so. Our location is central to all of those people we love so much. And, having only been here about 9 months, we have seen and been with these loved ones more often than ever. It was the perfect remedy to our malady. I do have before, during and completed photos and they are below. The transformation catapulted this space lightyears from where we first found it. A point I want to make is: with a little planning, a healthy budget (whatever that looks like for you) and some resources for purchases...and, a contractor/diy person or someone inspired to tackle a project, this is a very worthwhile investment in your home. If you entertain, have lots of overnight company or just love to invite a friend over for lunch/tea, etc., having a beautiful bathroom for those people is another layer of hospitality. It lets them in on how much you appreciate them and their company. So much so, I believe this for the way we live and offer our particular brand of hospitality, that if you came to visit me today, you could very easily contrast the bathroom my husband and I use right now. It is pink, from the 70's, original and in desperate need of an overhaul. BUT, we want people to feel welcomed, appreciated and consider coming back, so this room was at the top of our list of renovations.

For some practical inspiration, if you have a half bath/guest bathroom that needs a boost, might I recommend a few tips? As with any room update/renovation we always start with a good and honest conversation of what we envision for the space. This helps us then know what we are getting into. If there is a huge disparity between what each of us wants we continue the talks until we both agree on the extent to which we agree to go on the "redo". Once we come to an agreement we decide how much we want to invest and how we will fund the operation. We use zero percent options from our favorite big box store if the project is extensive and we don't have all the money upfront. Some may disagree and that cash is king and the only way to go. We are very disciplined and always pay off the balance to avoid ever paying interest. If the project is something we can manage to pay as we go, it is most likely an easier and quicker "run to the finish line" type of project. For example, we are re-trimming the living room moulding and installing new doors before we add a coat of fresh paint, so we pay as we go. The main bathroom will be an overhaul and we may float that for 12 months same as cash. Once you come to terms on the budget, you should know whether you will hire out the work to be done or if you will be doing it yourself. After that, it is helpful to jot down your ideas and find inspiration to guide you and be able to show your vision to others that may be in on the work. This is a rather broad explanation on how to get a project going as there are so many small layers to a project; details are always personal and I find that they evolve. So, I may think I want gold fixtures in the bath, but find them in black that just knocks my socks off. The suggestions above are important so that you avoid being caught off guard when you assume costs, only to find out they are much more that you planned (and that is quite often the case).

This topic is so close to my heart, I am thinking of offering more tips when it comes to the really fun part...and that is the aesthetics of a project (i.e. paint color, wallpaper, fabrics, etc.).

Have a wonderful week and I hope you run into a pumpkin or two on your next outing to the grocery store...they are starting to appear...already! Take care, Jeanine

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